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Our solutions deliver confidence, comfort and value when you most need it

  • Never pay a ransom to recover critical systems functionality

  • Materially reduce the cost and disruption of ransomware or destructive malware attacks:

    • Recover systems, and therefore processes and services, in minutes - not days or weeks

    • Recover local systems, locally. No need for the cost or delay in deploying expensive technology resources to rebuild and reconfigure systems

    • No need for the cost or delay in sourcing replacement hardware

  • No requirement to integrate code with any of your critical applications or operating systems. Your systems will run as they always have

  • No impact on business as usual performance or operations. 

Computer Processor

Simple, Effective Solutions To Existential Threats


Computer Programming

Our patented Recovery Operating System

CyntOS® is the software that embodies our patented method to ensure that a local computing system can always be restarted by the user and completely recovered to a familiar state. Our simple menu interface ensures that regaining control and functionality is a matter of a few clicks. No technical support required, no waiting for replacement hardware and no rebuilding of software, applications and configurations from scratch. Get operational again in minutes, not days, weeks or months.


Original Equipment Manufacturers can embed our capability at the time of manufacture. Organizations can install it retroactively.


Silver External Hard Drive

Our Integrated Recovery Environment

Cydecar® is our solution for anyone who cannot or does not want to embed CyntOS® into their existing computer system. It contains secure storage with CyntOS® already installed. It can be connected to any computer system with USB connectivity. Once connected, it operates exactly as if CyntOS were embedded. 


This brings fast, local and complete recovery from catastrophic ransomware and malware attacks within the reach of any organisation or individual.

A Beautifully simple, but highly innovative approach to critical systems resilience

Our patented method does one thing - it brings back your entire local system as it was before a ransomware or destructive malware attack.


That's it, no bells or whistles - in an emergency, that's the last thing you need. You just want to get your system back and carry on with critical processes or services, as fast as possible. 


Of course, there's some genius involved in making something inherently complex so simple. Here's the critical elements that make our solution so simple, and yet so reliable and trustworthy.

Helping Hand_edited.png

Trusted Architecture

We leverage the leading edge in Trusted Architecture components. Our solution integrates the capabilities of the Opal 2.0 Self Encrypting Drive standard, as well as Trusted Platform Module services. Our lead innovators literally wrote the book on this architecture and we have leveraged that to develop a solution that you can trust to always be available.

Secure environment

Pre-boot Environment

We get our work done before any user operating system kicks in (what we call the 'untrusted operating system'). Our solution is in complete control of the critical tasks in ensuring you always have a copy of your entire system available, and that you can always restore it. Our CyntOS Recovery Operating System doesn't rely on or interact with any other software component - we designed it this way to keep it secure.

Computer desktop_edited.png

Platform agnostic

Because we operate at the firmware layer and not in the production environment, we don't care what operating system or applications you are using. We will bring them all back, exactly as they were pre-attack and ready to use, in minutes,  as if nothing had happened.

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