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ransomware recovery

Avoid the catastrophic impacts of ransomware and military-grade malware

Never pay a ransom.

Materially reduce costs and disruption:

  • Recover in minutes

  • No technical support

  • No replacement hardware

  • No software rebuild

We have made it our business to materially reduce the cost and disruption from the most significant threats to organisations, governments and civil society from criminal and nation-state ransomware and malware attacks:

Threat to Productivity

Business Recovery

When business and administrative systems are hit, your employees are left unable to perform their roles.​ Work doesn't get done. Customers don't get serviced. Finances are not managed.

Threat to Operations

Cyber Resilience

When production lines, process control systems, building management systems, or critical national infrastructure are hit, your organisation grinds to a halt. 

Products don't get made. Facilities are unusable. Civil society is impacted.

Threat to

Saving lives

When information technology assets and specialised equipment of hospital systems, medical devices, vehicles and transport systems, or military facilities are hit, then lives are at risk.  Medical care can't be given. Vehicles can't be controlled. Defence personnel are exposed.

Our Partners

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